I am a cat lover by nature and a dog lover by choice. On a typical day, you can find me at my local coffee shop editing away and probably talking just as much as I am working. My friends always tell me that I am the queen of compliments and a deep feeler to the core. I love Disney and Hogwarts just as much as I love getting lost in the mountains. In the summer of 2017, I set off to hike the Pacific Crest Trail and made it about half way before having to get off from a stress fracture in my foot. Hiking the trail transformed my life and if you have the slightest inclination to thru-hike, do yourself a favor and just GO DO IT!!!! 



I am Jade, a young at heart, adventure photographer that just moved from living in a 1980’s RV in Los Angeles, CA to a town of 1,000 people nestled in between Mt. Adams and Mt. Hood outside of Portland, OR. My husband and I moved away from our hometown in SW Michigan over three years ago to go after a life that was filled with more road trips, more hiking, more adventure and new opportunities! We love all things West Coast and are always planning (or sometimes just winging) our next quest.

I want to live by the ocean but also in the forest but also in the mountains but also in the city but also in the countryside, you feel me.

My Photography Style

If you're looking at my work and thinking, "Ooo I like her style," then read on to see if we might be a good fit! 

When it comes to shooting people, my favorite part of the whole experience is hands down the time I get to spend with you; whether you are a couple, a family, or just YOU! I always feel like there's never enough time to get to know each person and I just might want to become your best friend after we shoot so don't say I didn't warn you!! ;)  I love that part of capturing a moment is creating one. So my typical shoots tend to have a lot of silly, a potential of getting dirty and a willingness to let it all out! My goal is to direct you to take action and capture the moment that comes during, in between and after because those moments are gold! I want to capture the real you and let's face it, there's really no such thing as perfection so why strive for it? Instead of posy photos that make you feel like you are back at Prom, I want to get after the genuine you. So if that means throwing your girl over your shoulder while simultaneously spinning in circles or rolling around your living room floor and jumping on your bed, I am in for it all because life is too short to pretend like we've got it all together.

I love getting lost in the great outdoors and using natural light and the raw beauty of mother nature to help capture you and your story. I also love a good snuggly in home session if you are more in to low key couch cuddles over frolicking and dancing in the woods. Whatever you are in to, wherever you feel most at home, I am game to meet you where the wind is most windy and the the light is as golden as your heart. I will follow you into the mountains, the hills, the city, the country....the ocean... YES, even the ocean! and would love to capture whatever it is that makes you YOU!